Preston Scavo | Age: 19 | Parents: Lynette and Tom | FC: Steven R. McQueen

  • Is the flirty and spontaneous of the Scavo boys. Nothing like his twin brother.
  • Formerly engaged to Irina Korsakov
  • Dated Aria Delfino for a day before she broke up with him for Nate O’brien. Started dating her again after Nate got out of the picture and has feelings for her.
  • Best friends with: Porter & Parker Scavo, CJ Solis, MJ Delfino, William Scott, Sean Avery.

Preston is the youngest of the Scavo twins and Porter always makes sure that he knows that. The twins and Parker were known for making their mom’s life a living hell, not listening to anything she said or taking her command. Don’t get him wrong, he loves his mother very much, but Lynette never really figured out how to control the boys and they all took advantages of that. When hitting the teen years, Preston was forced to work at his dad’s old Pizza place, but after only a few weeks of work, he decides to quit school of take a year off in europe. After several break ups, a few broken heart and a fling in Europe with Irina Korsakov that ended up with him being engaged and bringing her back to America, he ended up giving up on love and just begun screwing girls left and right. Not caring what anyone though, he was Preston Scavo, he screwed anything with a skirt and that looked like a taco. He became proud of the number he had and was showing it off to anyone who would listen. He didn’t care, girls had broken his heart and he would break theirs.

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