Parker Scavo | Age: 20 | Parents: Lynette and Tom | FC: Chord Overstreet

  • He is the most sensitive of the Scavo boys and he’s got problems opening up to people.
  • Dating Irina Korsakov
  • Roommates with Irina Korsakov, his best friend and his brother’s ex-fiancee’. There was an instant spark between them, but nothing either acted on initially.
  • Best friends with: Irina Korsakov, Brandon Scott, Brad Matthews, Julie Mayer, Aria Delfino, Porter & Preston Scavo, Spencer Van De Kamp.

Parker is the oldest of the Scavo boys and grew up being a part of the rebellious Scavo sons, leaving his mother Lynette tired and worked out when Tom still had a job. Growing up, he was in the middle of everything Preston and Porter did. However, once he became a teenager, most of his crazy days were behind him. Sure, he was still involved in pranking and getting high with his brothers, but it was around this time when he found himself better at opening up to his mother. Parker has always had trouble opening up to other people though, including his siblings. He was a fun older brother but who wants to listen to their older brother’s problems? 

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